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Nice November Sunrise

This morning, I woke up and had been drinking my coffee long before the sun came up. At some point right around sunrise, I went downstairs and into the kitchen to get a refill. It was just starting to get light. I walked over to the window to see if any branches had blown down in last evening. It had been pretty breezy.

I saw the red glow as I was approaching. It was lava or fire red. I actually thought there was a fire next door. It turns out it was thankfully the sunrise. Naturally, I didn’t have my phone on me. I am not one of those people who have it on my every second of the day. I went upstairs to grab it, but by the time I came back downstairs, the red was already fading. It was still a fantastic sunrise, but not as vivid as a couple of minutes earlier. They just don’t last long. It seems the brighter and more vivid they are, the more quickly it fades.

Nice red November sunrise over the neighborhood

This is a picture of the early morning sky at sunrise. The horizon is still a fairly deep red with pinks above it.

As usual, my phone’s camera doesn’t really do it the justice it deserves, but it is still better than nothing. The phone camera is really a massive improvement over that cheap-ass camera I had growing up. That had film that you had to get developed to see, too. On my phone it’s right there on the screen in a second and I can take as many pictures as I want at a time.