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I Did It Again For 2020

I decided a few months ago I wanted to row a half marathon for new years again. It’s not really something I want to do often or anything. Maybe once or possibly twice a year. Endurance is really not my main goal. It’s not even that important to me at all other than doing some for some balance.

When I first decided I was going to row another half marathon this year I was pretty sure I would have at least a slight PR on my time from last year. I planned on starting to get some 10k rows in starting the second week of December to get my hands used to the rowing and help my legs get used to the lactic acid. Really not just my legs but my entire body.

As it turns out just about the time I was to start the longer rows COVID struck. The long rows just weren’t happening then. I did short rows to keep the blood flowing but nothing over 2500 meters or so. Given that I debated whether I should push back the row a few weeks or not.

I decided today that I would set it for a half marathon and go for a long row. If I made the half marathon then great! If I didn’t make it I wasn’t really going to be disappointed ether. I was pretty sure I’d make it as long as I kept the blisters on my hand in check and that’s what happened. I was about 20 minutes off from my time last year but it is what it is and given the circumstances of the past few weeks I am just pretty happy I was able to complete it. I didn’t go nearly as hard as I could have and felt like I had more in the tank but it was good enough for this time around.

I ended up with just short of 2 hours at one hour, fifty eight minutes and twenty eight seconds. It was long and monotonous as always to say the least but I like doing these long rows for the mental aspect of them. It’s like you keep going while your body and brain are screaming at you to stop. Your body is always capable of more than you think it is and it’s great to be able to push it every so often like I did today.

concept2 PM5 screen showing my half marathon row results for 2020

Concept2 PM5 with the results from my 2020 half marathon row

For the music while rowing I chose Metallica on random. Sadly we have load so I had to skip a couple of shitty songs but it was nice to listen to what I listened to as a teenager for a change.