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Wintry Looking Sky This Evening

This evening the clouds broke and it became mostly sunny after a rainy day all day long. The wind picked up and it really was sounding like winter as the storm that brought today’s rain moved off to the northeast

When I took the trash out, I noticed that the clouds were neatly lit up by the setting sun against a blue sky behind them. There was a very winter-like look to the sky. It brought back nostalgic thoughts of the trailer up the mountains when I was a kid. During the fall and winter, if we were there, the sky often had a similar look. They got more of the snow flurries and squall weather up there. I could almost feel the heat radiating off the coal stove and see the dull red glow of the metal.

The cold-season look of the sky was contrasted by the budding trees in the foreground. Although it was windy, it didn’t feel that cold either.

Wintry Looking Clouds This Evening

This picture shows gray and pinkish clouds against a blue sky with a winter look to it. That is contrasted by the trees in the foreground starting to spring to life.