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Lots Of Mushrooms Growing In The Neighbor's Yard

It’s always a bit fascinating to see mushrooms pop up. The fungus is always active in the soil, but conditions have to be right for them to fruit. This summer there’s been a good bit of rain, so they’ve been popping up pretty regularly in the yard. I have to admit, we’re secretly hoping that it’s a sign of the neighbor’s tree dying.

It’s too big for where it’s located. It’s only a matter of time until its roots get into our sewer line again and will probably eventually start pushing up and damaging our sidewalk. I could understand them growing in our old decaying mulch but there’s nothing but grass over there so I am hopeful it’s working on some old and dead tree roots.

Mushrooms In The Neighbor's Yard

Several large mushrooms are in this picture growing out of the grass. They are white with flat tops.

These mushrooms were different from the puff balls I used to see growing in the lawn every so often growing up in Bensalem. Those were like little balls and much smaller. These ere tall with a big flat top. They seemed to appear as a stalk within a day and then open up overnight. They stayed up surprising long too. The puff balls growing up were gone in a day. It was cool to get to see these mushrooms and see them stay since no one was mowing at the time as the picture shows. They got new tenants but they haven’t moved in yet.