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Phallus Looking Mushrooms Growing In Our Mulch

Walking out the front door this today I noticed a bunch of mushrooms growing up from our mulch when I actually had walked over to look at the morning glory flowers. Actually I like the morning glories’ color too which is far different than the pink ones in pop pops yard growing up.

I guess the mulch is working keeping the ground moist. I guess it’s also providing food for the mushroom to grow and cause the mushrooms to form. The mushroom is the fruiting body of the fungus that only pops up to release spores. The main part of the organism is the mycelium that in this case would be the thready stuff in the mulch and ground.

The shape makes them look like skinny little dicks popping up The color only helps reinforce that look and the little tops. I had all sorts of comments about them.

Phallus Looking Mushrooms

Several mushrooms are in this picture growing out of the mulch with a purple morning glory flower in the background.

I haven’t seen these growing in the yard before. I have noticed bigger mushrooms that look like regular mushrooms but they were a much duller color. These have fairly bright colors. Growing up it wasn’t uncommon to see puffballs growing in the grass but I haven’t seen them around here.

In all seriousness though this just helps to remind me of the real diversity in nature. There’s the different kingdoms of life that are all completely different and the number of species of each of them. Everything about nature is beautiful.