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Bright Last Sunset Of Spring

Today we ate supper, and then I was relaxing on the couch, just laying there and watching the Phillies game. It wasn’t a bad game. It didn’t have the result that I would have liked, but it went how I’d expected it to. The Braves will do what they’re going to do.

At some point during the game, I noticed the pink and orange glow coming from the front door out of the corner of my vision. The TV is towards the door, but using my telescope to watch it, I normally only see the portion of the screen that is visible in the telescope and nothing else. I must have moved or something and caught a glimpse of the glowing clouds.

As always, I had to throw my shoes on and go check it out. The sky didn’t disappoint today. Most of the northwest horizon was covered in clouds of a pinkish or orange color. It was very bright and vivid. I lucked out and got outside just in time, as it was fading while I was out there.

Colorful Last Sunset Of The Spring

This picture shows an area of sky between trees with bright oranges and pinks in the clouds along with a few purpleish grey clouds below those.