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Centralia PA

Last Saturday Lynn called us and asked if we wanted to go caching with her. We decided to go. We went up along 61 in the mountains of Central Pa. We’d love to get up there more but Molly’s car opposes hills let alone the steeper stuff up there. It was a fun day with a few snow squalls. Pretty cool for being early April!

We ended up near Centralia so we stopped in to see the cracked road. Molly and I had run out of time last time we were up there and didn’t get the chance to see it. Centralia is always an interesting place to visit and had wanted to see it from when I was a little kid. I finally got to see it when we started geocaching.

It’s amazing to me that a fire can burn underground for so long. It’s been burning since the 1960s. I’ve read they’ve tried to put it out but never had any success and now it would cost too much to extinguish it and there are no plans to put it out.

What really stands out is that there still are a few people that live in the old town. I hope to get back there this summer and explore a bit more. There’s more information about Centralia at Centralia Pennsylvania }}

Here’s the best picture we got of the crack in the road.

Smoke From Road In Centralia PA

Smoke rising from Cracked road in Centralia from sustenance due to the underground mine fire.