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Kelly's Run

One of the great things about geocaching to us is how it introduces us to so many great places. We’ve found most of the close to home ones so we have to expand our radius. That’s bringing into the southern Lancaster County river hills.

There are really makes me think of the mountains with the steep hills and gorges. There are springs and streams in each one. I just wish it wasn’t a bit of a pain in the ass to get around down there. Few roads exist and there’s not usually a straightforward way to get from point A to point B. My girlfriend’s car dislikes steep hills and thee are plenty of those down there too. I would love to get lost on those roads if I drove, but being visually impaired, that’s not going to happen.

Recently a geocache introduced us to Kelly’s Run. It was a great area to visit and get the cache and fresh air. We didn’t do the full loop but we really enjoyed what we saw. It’s one of those places that I hope we get the chance to revisit some time and explore more.

Kelly's Run

This is a picture a small waterfall on a small stream called Kellys Run.

Water Among The Rocks At Kelly's Run

This is a picture a small. stream forming rapids as it flows among the rocks.