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Caught A Great Sunrise

It’s been a little while since we had a decent sunrise. Most days have been either perfectly clear in the morning or have had a dense overcast. Before sunrise this morning, it looked pretty cloudy, so I wasn’t expecting to see a great one.

As I always do, I open the bathroom blind to let the daylight in. Even if it’s cloudy, it’s nice to have some daylight come into the house. It’s good for the mood. I turned around to go grab a drink of coffee when I saw the bright oranges coming in the backroom window. I finished my cup of coffee. Put my shoes on and grabbed my phone on the way downstairs to refill it because I had to check out the unexpectedly outstanding sunrise.

The sky was a vivid orange this morning. Pretty much the entire sky was that brilliant orange, or maybe you could call it peach color. To me, it’s fascinating how each sunset or sunset is different and unique. It all depends on the clouds and particles in the air Moisture too as a factor. But that sort of goes in with the clouds, I think.

It was a pleasure to see the superb and colorful sunrise this morning. Take the free mood boosting shows that nature gives you!

Orange Sunrise

This is a picture of the sunrise. The clouds are orange and they are very vividly colored