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Ophelia Sunset

Last night I turned on the Phillies game and laid on the couch to watch it. I noticed a glow coming from the front door. When I looked, the sky was yellowish orange. Naturally, I had to throw my shoes on and go outside to check it out.

I was not disappointed. The entire sky was glowing, from the western horizon to the eastern horizon. To the east, it was mostly pink, with some purple overhead. The west was full of bright yellows, oranges, and some pinks. It was one of those times when the unusual colors in the sky made everything seem to have an off-color hue. I don’t know how long I just stood there, taking it in.

Ophelia Sunset

This picture shows a very colorful sky from the sunset as the clouds out ahead of a tropical system are moving in overhead. The clouds are a range of colors from orange to pink to purple and everything in betweeen.