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Hammer Creek

The weather cleared up this morning. It was more rapid than I expected, and the temperature warmed nicely, so we attempted to go geocaching. I wanted to do a little more than the rail trail, but I didn’t want to go too far since the days are short now, and we got a later start.

I remembered Speedwell Forge. They have great trails up there, and it’s always an enjoyable hike. Normally, it isn’t too busy, either. The last time we tried it, it was during the beginning of trout season. It was busy that day, but normally, there are only a few cars in the parking lot, so we are surprised if we pass anyone on the trail. The park really is a hidden gem.

There were just two cars in the lot. Yes! Unfortunately for us, they allow hunting in that park, which I had forgotten about, and the hunter was shooting too close to the cache for comfort. Oh, well. It was nice to be out in the sun and wearing shorts in November. Molly did see a turkey in a field on the way over. There’s no way to know how responsible the hunter is with a gun, and I have no intention of being shot either directly or by a ricocheting bullet. Besides that, the hunter was their first. Many people have no idea how much a bullet can ricochet. I don’t know what’s in season right now.

At least I got a nice view of Hammer Creek from the road near the parking lot. There may or may not have been a cache in the guardrail. I’m a sucker for views of creeks, and this one was not a disappointing one for me at all. The water was surprisingly smooth. It reflected the fresh fall scenery perfectly. This time of year really brings back fond memories of the mountains.

Hammer Creek

This picture shows a creek from a bridge. The water is smooth. with a great reflection of the sun and fall landscape