Asymmetrical Internet Connection

Sunday, Jan 2, 2022
I am uploading all of my ripped CDs to an online backup. It’s really making me notice the difference between our upload and download speeds with our Comcast connection being asymmetric.

Christmas Has Been Good Considering

Saturday, Dec 25, 2021
It’s another Christmas day and it wasn’t going to work out that we could get together this year again so we will later. The day doesn’t matter it’s that we do it that matters. Near sunrise this morning we got out for a nice walk. We did about 3 miles around town and the weather held off until we were on our way home we got caught up in some light rain.

Merry Christmas

Friday, Dec 24, 2021
We were walking past one of the churches in Mount Joy this evening while people were going in and one little girl noticed us and said merry Christmas.