Lifts Went Okay Today

- 3 minutes, 533 words
I wasn’t really feeling it today and on top of that, my neck is stiff from the way I slept. My knee left out a good pot right before bed but felt fine, so I went light with the squats as a precaution

Got The Hose Nozzle Unstuck From The Hose

- 2 minutes, 308 words
Our garden hose gets stuck to the hose all the time. Normally, I can break it free, but today it wasn’t budging. Tried soaking it in vinegar with no luck, then WD40 with no luck. Back in the vinegar it went while we went out. It came apart like nothing was wrong when we got home.

Mount Joy Is No Longer A Small Farm Town

- 2 minutes, 244 words
I saw a post complaining about Mount Joy needing and looking at options for a new borough building. The thing that stood out to me is the comments say it’s a small farm town.