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This isn’t about the excellent metal band named Atheist, this is about the fact that I’m an atheist and I have been so since I was a small child. It all just seemed silly to me even then to believe in god. I can remember the pastor from my Nan’s church coming to visit me when I had my first eye surgery. I’m thankful that he took the time to do that even though I didn’t believe in it. I had nuns visit me there too, and I think it was nice that they did. Most recently I was in the room when my dad died. I truly appreciated that my dad’s last rites were read to him because that’s what he wanted and believed in and so did my mom. That was for them, not me.

I never told anyone then, and I rarely tell anyone now. The whole idea of an all knowing god just seemed silly to me. I am not the type of atheist that feels the need to go and try to convince others that their religious deity doesn’t exist. I believe religious beliefs are closely head personal beliefs. I don’t bring up my atheism unless asked and I prefer others don’t bring up their religious beliefs either.

If I go to someone’s house and they pray before dinner I’m going to do my best to respect their wishes. Don’t ask me to say a prayer though. It’s not going to happen. Also don’t come into my house and expect me to change my ways to accommodate you.

Don’t even think about the whole moral bullshit with me either. The most immoral people I know are Christians and do what they do because it’s “god’s will.” I’ve known people that justify stealing and cheating because god gave them the opportunity.

Religion of any kind should have no place in government. Anyone that’s for it needs to look at the big picture and think about the idea a slightly different interpretation of the bible than their own could be used.

In my opinion god was invented to scare and control people. Remember, god loves you even though you suffered for a year with cancer then may burn in hell. He loves you. He lets some one go shoot up an Amish school because he’s someone punishing someone. He loves them though.