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Deth has always been just been something that’s stuck with me since I’ve been on the internet. It was usually my nick name. It was originally short for death of something but I needed to shorten it to make it fit in character count restrictions.

Contrary to what a lot of people have thought at time it had nothing to do with the band Megadeth, although I do like quite a bit of their stuff

When I registered this domain I wanted it to be in the domain was taken so I wound up with this one. I kind of wish I’d been more creative but oh well. It is what it is and would be too much of a pain in the ass to remember something different now. After all I have had this domain since the late 1990s.

I use it for email and just as a place to post my thoughts and ideas. Sadly the email is mostly spam, but I keep it because there are some old accounts that use it and I like to keep it available in case anyone wants to get in touch with me from the past.

Even though it’s been changed multiple times over the past twenty or so years to my knowledge I have not deleted anything that was public. I’ve tweaked some things but even as stupid as some of my old posts were they’re still here someplace. There could have been files lost over time in one of my many moves but none that I am aware of have been lost.

It’s been through several transitions over time. I started out doing all the HTML by hand. That wasn’t hard to do or anything, but it was monotonous. It was sort of fun and quite rewarding though. Eventually I added CSS into the mix. I had the idea that I wanted a blog sort of setup, but I didn’t have the skills or patience to create one back then. I did eventually use shtml includes for menus and such then very simple PHP.

Eventually I would end up using WordPress which was much more convenient than hand coding the HTML. That was maybe 2006. I don’t remember how I discovered it but it was after I moved to shared hosting, so I could do my brothers’ business website which I did by hand in HTML too. They found someone else to do it that understood how to and was willing to make it all fancy.

After that I tried B2evolution in late 2018 I think, which was very nice but more than I needed which meant more potential security risks with no benefits of having those options. I mean I didn’t need or want forums or a gallery and all that extra stuff. I wanted clean, fast and secure. It was definitely fun to play with it for a few months though.

I then came across static site generators which to me is the best of both worlds. Pretty convenient. Markdown makes a lot more sense thank typing HTML like I originally did. It’s just more intuitive and generates nice clean HTML. I used Hugo for a couple of years then came across Zola again. I switched over to that because the template language just makes so much more sense to my brain. Hugo was great but when I wanted to tweak a template my brain just struggled to grasp the syntax.

It’s pretty simple to make a new post or page now.

I create the markdown file.

Then I run:

zola --root ~/zola_sites/ serve

Once I’m happy with it it’s as simple as

zola --root ~/zola_sites/ build && rsync -avhuc --stats --delete ~/zola_sites/

to sync it. Shit it’s even in my command history now I don’t even have to type it. It only takes a second or two to rebuild and rsync everything after editing it.

As of now this site uses no cookies or scripts or any tracking and I see no reason that that will change in the future. There’s no user accounts so no need to register for anything. Comments on WordPress were kind of nice for the maybe two times I got relevant ones but well over 99 percent of them were nothing more than SEO spam.

I like simple clean and fast. There aren’t countless third party requests like you see to often. Fonts from here. Icons from there. Style sheets from someplace else. Scripts from all over. It’s just simple HTML and two .css files both of which are hosted on my server.

There are no ads here either except for possibly and affiliate link which I will explicitly specify as such and that will only be for something that I use. Not that I get enough traffic to support monetization it’s just not something that interests me. It’s only my personal space for my thoughts and ideas. It’s just something I like doing. I guess it’s a hobby.

It took some time but I have ported all of my templates aNd shortcodes over from Hugo to Zola I’d originally began with the hugo-dusk theme. Over time I’ve made many modifications to fit my liking. I can’t say it’s based on that theme any longer since it’s been tweaked so much but that was my original stepping stone. The Zola templates were from scratch.

It’s kinda nice not having to worry about the security exploits in a script. I see tons of 404 errors for scripts that I don’t have installed. Hell I no longer even have PHP installed so even if the scripts were there. I was also able to remove and not rely on MySQL or any other database so that is one less thing to be running and keep up to date. If I chose to I could move this any place I want now.

Using Hugo it gets built from markdown to valid HTML just once unless I update something. Stuff like WordPress has to rebuild it for each and every view unless there’s some caching involved. I see that as a win.

Whenever I do edit the templates, I try to remember to run it though the W3C Markup Validation Service. I like to try to make sure it’s all valid HTML. I do the same in the CSS vAlidator when I modify my style sheets. It’s the best way to assume it will work anywhere.

I did look into Jekyll at first but Don’t have ruby installed for anything else so I though why have another dependency that I don’t need. Hugo requires go to build but not to run. Not sure why but Hugo just made sense to me.

It’s more or less for my thoughts, my ideas, my experimenting with different things. If anyone finds anything useful that’s great! If anyone finds anything interesting that’s great too but I know it’s mostly just boring that shit no one really cares about.

I’ve been through many hosts over the years. Currently I’m using SmartHost. Great service.

It’s all generated by Zola and runs on FreeBSD.

Here are some site stats base_url mode build title Deth description languages [object] default_language en generate_feed true generate_feeds true feed_filenames [atom.xml] taxonomies [[object]] author Carl build_search_index false extra [object] markdown [object] search [object]