Fitness and everything else


Music is something I can’t get enough of. At most times I have something playing. My tastes vary and I like almost all types of music. If I’d have to pick I tend to like darker music. By far, my favorite genre is metal and it tends to be more around extreme metal and shifting more towards death metal as time passes.

There are definitely time when I listen to other stuff. Classic rock is naturally an old favorite considering I grew up hearing it. My mom had the radio on most of the day, every day. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the letters WMMR. That radio station was pretty much always playing in our house growing up. Rarely my parents would have on WYSP, but it was WMMR most of the time. Those were the Philly stations they listened to though. Also, my dad hung out in the basement later at his bar. He usually had the stereo on. We had an Atari 2600 that my aunt Tammy had bought us one year for Christmas I think. It was there hooked up to a little black and white TV. We’d spend hours on that thing playing and my dad had the stereo on pretty much the whole time.

While I do like some older rap and some older country I cannot stand the newer stuff at all. Electronic shit I just can’t stand. It’s just boring repetitive noise to me. It gets played at the gym sometimes, and it only distracts me into thinking this sucks! As A kid I would “explore” music on the radio if I got a hold of one. I could listen to almost anything. It’s very cool when I got a hold of a short wave radio later and could hear stuff from all over the world!

Over the years my preferences have shifted to heavier and heavier music. I still like less heavy stuff that I liked before but my go to choices have gotten heavier and more extreme. Started out with slayer and other thrash in the 90s. After that it shifted briefly towards black metal. Then it was to viking and doom metal with some symphonic thrown in for good measure in the early to later 2000s.

Really since then it’s been going in the death metal direction 90% of the time. These days usually if I’m not sure what I want to listen to I end up putting brutal or technical death metal on. I really think I would have been more into that stuff much earlier if I had more exposure to it. I really don’t know anyone else that listens to this stuff other than me.

It seems to be that what I want to listen to is complete randomness. My listening might go something like this.

I really wish I could write and play music, but that’s not something I ever learned. When I was really young I wanted to learn to play guitar, piano and trumpet but we were too poor for me to learn any of that stuff.