Fitness and everything else


For as long as I could remember I have truly enjoyed reading. I would read anything with words on it when I was growing up. I really enjoyed learning new things by reading nonfiction books in Elementary school.

The library was my favorite class because that meant I could get more books. If there was a subject I was interested in at one point or another I checked out all of the books available on that subject. I really enjoyed science stuff.

By middle school that changed. I don’t know if my good eye got worse but the print in the available books got so much smaller I just wasn’t able to read them at home. I didn’t have a CCTV at home, but I’d cut class to use the one available to me at school to read ahead.

Around that time I got introduced to talking books from the free library for the blind. Anything science, or science fiction related I truly loved listening to. It wasn’t the same as reading it myself, but it was okay.

Hearing 2600 really got me interested in computers and hacking in general. Not the malicious shit that they call hacking now. Just finding ways to explore and understand how systems work.

I really got into science fiction then. Well really I still do love most science fiction. I really need to take advantage of the Kindle and read more of it.