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Rocks and Minerals

I’ve always been very interested in almost anything science and that extended to rocks and minerals and fossils. If I remember correctly it really took off after a school field trip to I wanna think the Franklin Institute. Very cool place! I bought a piece of petrified wood and studied that every way I could think to. In elementary school I read every book on them that I could get my hands on. My grandfather took notice of this, and he worked at a private school. He knew the science teacher who showed me their collection. Over the years he gave me a bunch of them. Actually he sent me all kinds of neat things including books.

I’d heard of fossils in coal and there was lots of coal lying around up the mountains where we went when I was growing up. Anytime I’d see any sort of discoloration I’d study it and try to find fossils but never did. I was told by the owner of the property about finding them near Shamokin, but we never went there. Oddly enough I geocached there but didn’t take the time to look for any then. I guess that gives us another excuse to go back!

I kept my collection at my grandparents house and forgot about it when I moved here but when they died the collection found its way to my parents’ house. They left my nephew play with it when he was little. That collection got pretty messed up from my nephew playing with them at my parent’s house, but I got it somewhat organized the best I could but lots were missing.

I googled the stuff and came across the mineral of the month club. That was really cool. Really the only reason I stopped was I have no place to put them here. They did send really nice samples with nice write-ups about them. Maybe one of these days I’ll rejoin it again. I should get out the collection again and organize it.