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Stupid quotes from aol

Here are some quotes from idiots I have seen or people have given to me from aol chat rooms. I have laughed at the spelling mistakes and the purely stupid things people can type. I laughed out loud at a lot of these so I will post them here and maybe you might laugh also :)

MortalTerror2: no they are awseom MortalTerror2: YES HETAFEELDS RYTHEM IS HARD TO PLAT CAUSE METALLICA IS AWSOME MortalTerror2: mustane palys for megadeth MortalTerror2: ANGLE OF DEATH IS A GREAT SONG BY SLYER! MortalTerror2: DAMIT WHY DONT YOU LOSERS TALK ABOUT MUSIC NOT NO GAY SHIT MortalTerror2: VOTE FOR CRUSH EM ON TRL MortalTerror2: metallica is classic rock MortalTerror2: they play metallica on the classuc rock channel now Tuffy173: GET A ROOM, THIS IS HEAVY METAL, NOT PANSYLAND Motorbreath420: sabbath died with randy Sfu311: fuck you xgodyou couldnt even spell it write XoSILKY: YOUR SELF TO HAVE MY PIC JEALIOUS OR AFRAID YOU CANT MAKE IT Jf1012226: has eny body hird of none the wiser ECJL91988: HEY WHO LIKE MATALLICA Foilhead3: PANTRA KICKS ASS DaVEiSGoDD: i WOOD hFTa agree wtih American Megadethozzy316: DIACIDE Megadethozzy316: tesament Megadethozzy316: yngwie is gurtair god Rapiscrap316: if it wasent for ozzy there would be no metal dumbass Hotjock32453: STONE TEMPLE PIOLETS NO EFFENCE THEY SUCK Prezzzozzy: i can if u was here Prezzzozzy: ill wipe ur ass with ur on head Prezzzozzy: CARL SUCKS MORE DICK THAN A POSTITUTE ON HER BEST DAY HvyMtlQuen: ok im tried of this kid locok :::click: HvyMtlQuen: korn sux end of store anways will and aways has HvyMtlQuen: well at meast im not a crosseyed stupid looking shit HvyMtlQuen: ok im out goning to mom to eat and get drunk bye all HvyMtlQuen: oh i taked to him a few bit ago HvyMtlQuen: shhhhhhh bill i know where you live i can hu]no ozzy is god rt you lol HvyMtlQuen: ewwww rest put that gross this away BentonU: <—OT EVEN CLOSE TO B IN GAY Kendawg2012: KRON ROCKS HARD Red Do8991: dose eney body who is no gay like asid bath Bling8864: I will Kill you High Im A gay man (and your hole fucking family tree) Pneck00: who r u cyber your not cool so shut up Tklramos: hey nayone know anything about this NAPSTER MP3 search oftware that is going around? OZZEYMAN: ossy rules heis the king CARTMAN NUM 1: any one like powerman 5000,megadeath,matalica NightBat22: i lik sep wit max Metallislosh: hey holydver is it true that Ronney deo sanf for black sabbeth?? Metallislosh: ANOUTHER VICTEM ANOTHER PICE OF MEET CashMoney2139473: no day aint JA12Il: dose anyone know of a store where you can costom make your own shirts? Controlmachette: ENY WHANTS TO CHAT WHITH A FINE GIRL PRES 69 ONLY FEMALES KrOw 8BaLL: what do i have do PimpOfTheNation2: this thing right here is letting all the laties know what guys talk abou RL Triple X98: YOU HERD ME RITE BITCH I DIDN’T STUDDER NOOKIEGIRL9069: i like all ozzy and sabeth COREYREEDR: PANTARA KIKS ASS Rooster 9X: if you’re antidrug, then you’re antimetal Rooster 9X: i’m saying, if you’re ANTIdrug, than you’re anti open mind ALF324: WUD I DO 2 U HELLBAT Crlastoy: well ozzie are ozzy he is still cool Ab0veAndBey0nd: LORRI FUKIN SEELS HER ASS 4 MCDONALDS HonestJohn01: what do you think is meatal MTLLEGION: BANDS THAT PLAY GAY ANAL RAPED HIP HOP ARE NOT METAL HOTBOY4LlFE: ANYBODY KNOW WHERE I CAN DOWNLOAD THE NEW MATALLICA SONG IN REAL AUDIO? Motorbreathx420: if you ever tralk like that to me i am going to find oput where you live and kick the shit o Sandman ppv: the sandman is here laides u what to talk to him PNfknTERA: OK WHO THA FUX GOT GET THIS LYRIX PL65EAST: FUK U OZZ FEST WILL ROK DBBLKIX: MEATALLICA WAZ THA SHIT NOT NOW Weird and twsted: FUSK U TOO Nikki68031689: FUCK OFF FAGET AKoRnOHOLIC666: POP sux all those motherfuckers in pop don’t deserve to live. Kyle1441: this is as close asi could get toa puk room Lance XOX: I will dye with satin IsSuEs5675: RUN ON ARE WAY HIDEING ONE THOUDAND DEATHS HvYMeTaLSheDvL: okay now wut r we talking abt here Juvenile1124: xgadsback coulod u tell me what i need to record? IlINEO: exgod i chuld kick u and ur dick sukn dad around ur fucking house IlINEO: i juz wanted publisity for my friends band Bubb285: r u guess talkin bout whos the favorite rock group? CULBE: I PUT SUPER ON IGNORE THAT KOCKROACH GGODZZILLA: SHUT THE FUCK UP DUDE ,<<<<< DONT NEED NO GRAMMER SKOOL CORRECTIONS ANYMORE LimpKoRnbread1: matter of fact there idea of metal then was lynerd skynerd if it wasn’t for the underground KrazyCreep: evry1 i no prety much likes freakin rap or hip hop KaRtOoN49: HEllo everyone have u heard the neu bb mac album, its neto great everyone DANIELLEMAX77: xgodsback shut up know one is listening to you Smasher414Y2k: XGADBACK I’LL SMASH YOU SIMPLE ASS Amysgranny54235: ITS ALL ABOUT THE HE SAID SHE SAID BULLSHIT AC19ST16: AND WHOEVER SAYS PANTERA SUCK, DOESN’T KNOW THEIR ASS FROM A WHOLE IN THE GROUND BeyondEvil77: FUK U CUMM GUZZLING GUTTER SLUT BCH01Eagle: kid cock suckx his own cokc Mtledavid22: THE WAY THAT I WANT U TO DYE Chanman317: you gaggot FOP77: SO FUCK OFF AND MIND UR BUIZNESS SLiPkNoT KiD7565: THIS ROOM IS FULL OF FAKES Myst 2112: I AN KIGHTS IN SATAINS SERIVCE SHALL HAVE THERE LAST TOURE RedF150mudder: SOME OF THEM HAVE BUT SABATH SUCKS AND HES NOT METAL XO1KORNKLOWNXO1: anybody heard of cannable coarpses Bigjoefla: DOSE THAT AFFEND YOU YOU COCK SUCKER HaRd2KiLL007: WHY DODNT U SAY SUMTHIN LIKE HaRd2KiLL007: ANMD THGEN MY FRIENDS WONDER WHY I WANNA KILL PEOPLE MiJC13: i like slipknot byut damn yo open up KINGSARG25: ARE SERIOUS, OZZFEST ISN’’T THAT GOOD THIS YEAR, EVEN THOUGH I GOIN ShEDeViL749: y shuld i die PBeaud6981: soes any boby no what metallicas first music video was HATER420666: i’m racist to gays OzManCumeth: OZZY,TONY LOMI GEZER BUTLER AND BILLWARD ARE THE FOUR FATHERS OF METAL Hetfield7782: TALLICA IS THE LED ZEPPLIN OF TODAY Jilliane33: TOMANY JELAOUSE FMEALS RavRcHicK01: whut the fux r problem whore! ICEEDEADPEPL: who doesnt like metallia Tickychick: I AM WACHING MY BRUTHERS LITTLE GRIL TODAY AND TOMARROW FOP77: SO FUCK OFF AND MIND UR BUIZNESS SLiPkNoT KiD7565: THIS ROOM IS FULL OF FAKES Myst 2112: I AN KIGHTS IN SATAINS SERIVCE SHALL HAVE THERE LAST TOURE

Ultrajerk5000: lick my shity crack PLEEZLEEV: Iron Madden RULZ DEADINTHISBODY: I’M GOING TO GET MY TONGUE PERISED ILoVeSLiPkNoT666: ITS ALL GOOD OVER THERE WEED IS LKEGAL MadPhatWhip: 4th grade… know what have the most hurt come backs I dont even know what to say to yo BritSpears499: and korn kicks mager ass DaZeD chk3: u kno what theyr trying to day PapaRoachAK: im not the one who is treing to fuck meself bitch PapaRoachAK: goi suck a blaack mans wet socks Lilblusmurf123: well i guess i’ll go since xgods wont except my appology KUBSCHA: GOSSMACK ION RADIO GodSmackI5: hey god how about you shut be foe i find you and cut your balls off ok Looprice: who here thinks they know for metal bands then me? Sr bigair: mettalic is the worst band sence the beges Sr bigair: every one is talk n about mettalica they sux major goat cok Wildcatshelly: did yuo get to meet the banmd afterwafds? Brewmiester40539: hey i part jew bitch Reiddan21: HE TRIED TO MERRY ME AND EVERY ONE IN THE ROOM QTPie202: did anyone here got dfp??? REX10i: ME AGAINST THE WORLD PEOPKLE Drakon 81: Pantera hasnt changed their shit since they started and they are good metal MetallicA999: yaull like fear factory

IIIBUDDHABUDSIII: IRON MAIDEN IS WASHED UP TOTAL PUNK RAWK: LIMP BIZIT IS TRUE METAL, THEY KNOW HOW TO ROCK THE HOUSE Pia585: kreator is from NY Xxkittyvomitxx: HEY SHUT UP FOR I STICK MY LARGE DIRTY COWBOY BOOTS UP UR EVEN LARGER ASSHOLE BEZZ6244: WHAT THE FUK U SAYIN BEZZ6244: ANY1 LIKES DEAD KENEDY (DK) Multimedia000: ghoat hore!!!! MTLLEGION: I KNOW ON GAYNESS SPIC WHORE SycopathicJugalo: ne no the new name of the disturbed cd? the new 1 Pimptressbabe: my daughte is going to here dad’s house and i am spending the weekenc at the beach Playahater445: ANY1 HURD OF RRD TheBloodthirsty9: WOT R THEY LIKE SIMON??? FreakOfNlN: aww godsy youre going blind hope you go blind soon then you wont be able to see franks dick JaCk5tAh: i hope you droen in your own piss JSHEEPDOG: i just dont appreciate old timemes inteerupted KrazyCreep: bak srry bout that BChambergurl420: DUDE XGODSBACK SHUT THE HELL UP YOU ALL Punksk8a15: petifile Fanofthe3car: U NEED HEWKD ON FOWNIX PUNK Sepultara: i guess i dint erase it Jilliane33: XGOD IM NOT PAYING ANY ATTITION TO THAT COMENT Bc rich 1369: U TIC TACER Bc rich 1369: TUFFIN UP FOOL Bttb00: gothic 16/f Black hiar blue eyes tan skin 5’5 110 pounds bra 40b guys im me to chat FlacoMan73: megadeath was the pioneer in speed metal BaPTiZeDNBL00D: wut kinda krap u listen to? CHASELEX: i am 35 and will date as young as 13

Phatboyfoo: cannible corpse is horrible SOD DURST: NOV 13 IM GOIN 2 SE PAN FUCKING TERA WORLDS END2001: i read mehugga is gonna put a double CD out next! ManuelMADMAX: CANNIBASL CORPSE SweetMystic0: so need not direst my lips anywhere Natemiller789: fuck every thing you sand for MetalMania213101: I HERAD THE NEW MEG DAM IT’S AWESOME MetalMania213101: I HERAD THE NEW MEG DAM IT’S AWESOME Drake dar1: YOU ALL ARE WORPED BY MTV SO SAD music not tv FSp9991570: when die just dead bull people Crashnburn997392: vodim….shut up no one is talk to u WONKLETS: AEYONE LIKE slipknot? WONKLETS: IS ANY ONE GOING TO THE DISTURBED CONSIRT WONKLETS: GESS NOT Playa38619: n e one want a cybiko Metal90241: CHOKIN THE FACE DOEWSNT MATER Blinbat1: dos eney one in here like creed? RITFREHR: MJV sucks mager fags D YATTAW: no caz max is whih soulfly CucArAchAChik: FUK IT ALL FUK THIS WORLD FUK EVERYTHING THAT u stand 4 STOMPINURASS: MOANING TO U 2 Wildcatshelly: om i porecaite it. JanMirota: All wright who wnna fuck??? DefileTheCorpse: who do you kike white? MASK MURDER 6666: UR NIPLLES LOOK Areosmack: comicozi is a lot better Sobad2001: yes sabath is gay Michellinhell: NVER ID I WASNT STUPID Michellinhell: MY KEY BORD IS FRIED Beermonkey234: I LIKE DEADE OF AGRASION MTLLEGION: I INFORMED GODSSLUT THAT IT IS A TWATFACED KOREAN Beermonkey234: SHIT PANTERA KILLES MAIDEN Michellinhell: just be sure to print it out and make copys Beermonkey234: WERE IS THAT MTLLEGION: I KNOW NO AIDS YOU PANDA-FUCKING GOOK SpEctERJAS218: MY FRIEND GOT ARRESTED FOR DOWN LOADING EMINEM AND BOOTLEGGING IT Beermonkey234: satanism is for week minded pepol SpEctERJAS218: BUCH OF SELL OUT LISPY HAS BEENS WHO THINK THEY HAVE GOT PROBLEMS SpEctERJAS218: HE THINKS HE HAS BEEN ABUSED BUT NEEDS SOMEWHERE TO GET ATTENTIOON SpEctERJAS218: THE PINGUINS WILL TAKE CARE OF JONATHAN DAVIS SeXXXyLiSAxo: AH FEAR? PLEASE TELL ME U ARENT NEKED SeXXXyLiSAxo: WHERE WE HEADEAD MUTILAED? ARBOR RON: PANTERA WILL KICK YOUR FUCIN ASS! ARBOR RON: U MUST BE A BUTFUC! ARBOR RON: XGODSMACK WHY DON’T U FLY AWAY? StarSlayer333: in naother room Wildcatshelly: Ho truth, i;ve finly folded those DAMN towels that my dad told me to fold. Wildcatshelly: Hi ogds. Wildcatshelly: Oh my god i’m not ansrewsing that. Wildcatshelly: ihave an toy tour bus that i like to play with. Wildcatshelly: Cool i have an freind who is realasing an new cd next week. PBCCRAT68: WELL DIO IS CONSIDERED GOTHIC METAL Reaper5771: xgodsback can suck my hudge fucking cock Scally616675941: WHO LIKES MARELIN MANSON Oderus around us: SHUT THE FUCK UP BLACKDIAMON YOUR A FUCKING LIL DEISL DIKE ProjectBorn10221: FUCK THIS DUMD ASS ROOM Sgtmaines: i like metallica all nirvana black sabbeth ozzy and papa roach. InTheFlesh703: where do u loev vomit? MTLLEGION: NO ONE WANTS YOUR CELLULITE COVERED BLOODY ASSHOLED SHIELDING FAT BAGS AROUND THEM Rockonbeauty: yah first of all m claener then youll ever be Rockonbeauty: u kno wat u disrespect so many people learn respect] XRAGEXAGAINTSX: AND I THINK THAT THISE SONGS ARE SUCK Jrockerbaby1: shut u u sux Gingerdol: gernade lanchers are cool! SSPhoneix: ]you cant for her what i can litte man MMcgan5346: any guys wunt to talk IM me NickZeppelin2000: THEY HAVEN’T CHANGED SINSE 1985 LILSWEETIE473: I WANNA CHAT WITH SUM 1 N E 1 NoobyDo2: ITS THE HAMBSTER DANCE!!!!!! Cme4art: I MUCH MARCH MY BUTT TO SCHOOL Heavymetal1986: whats rong whit lars Down763: WHUT U SAY bLOOD? MYHALFMTCRYPT13: YEAH FATES WARNING THAD POTNTIAL, GREAT MUSICIANS BUT THEIR SONGS SUCKED!!!!! SeXXXyLiSAxo: I HATE PEOPLE WHO ARE WISHY WASHY AND DONT SPEAK THEIR MINE SeXXXyLiSAxo: I LIKE PEOPLE FROM NY CAUSE THEIR ATTIDUDE IS Kenaz1220: ill choke your as out fuker! Kenaz1220: Deftones rnt gay so shut the fuk up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kenaz1220: i bed i got bigger muscles than all u little bitches! Xxstay x truexx: o yeah i am in fsu you flamer i will slice your throte Xxstay x truexx: did you go to the hate bread show Xxstay x truexx: we are strating a new scene DillingerEP100: hell yeah dood deicied is rad Chicheng220: ima be down with hte clown S WRECK 1: TRY SOME NEW MUCIC POWERPUFFGINA69: DAMN WHY U WANNA TALK ABOUT URSELF? XXEmperorXX: wuts your band kalled blood storm? Tiffnwillie: OH WELL WENT TO OZ FEST IN WINCONSIN IT ROCKED NO COPS ANYWHERE EdwardTHeadRulz: DOE’S ANOYONE KNOW ME? E roc 2001455212: matallica kicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Slipknot99: slipknot rools Laesisch: mean da mall is ya home stupid ass R0ciNInd: whot is wrong with you people MisfitPunkOO: IF YOU LIKE CAMMIBAL CORPSE SAY W IF YOU DONT YOURE GAY MisfitPunkOO: IF YOU LIKE MORBID ANGLE SAY W Apathyplague: house have u herd of soma man DISREPUTE420: u faggets SUNNYSTEELZ0078: DOES NO ONE IN THIS ROOM KNOW HOW 2 SAY HI OR EVEN GOOD MORNING THATS TERRIBLY BAD FORM FreakOfNlN: i have reraly friends FreakOfNlN: ok confuckingraD SISTIMOFADOWNFAN: i kouldent agree with u mor DrawerDude15: ANYONE KNOW WHAT THE KNEW GODSMACK SONG IS CALLED? HelzAngelxoxo: anybody lizen to Static-X? Hawaiianshygirl: damn …i still can play any instraments JustLeaveMeAlone: People assume you are getting laid if you are burying tampons Christeen1218: <— need some vadca to put in wiht htis qrange jubille FearF5709: U TALKING ABOTU SPINESHANK WIZARDS08: ALL THESE GROUPS SONGERS PUT TOGETHER A CD FOR THE MEMORATION OF THE SNOT SINGER Os spud99: slayer is dead since dave lombardo leaved Hawk MP: duz any1 have the new orgy cd SGlass666: PEOPLE ARE MEESED UP AFTER THERE INTOIT! ZerORePliKa: slipknot rulez, wut r u talkin about ZerORePliKa: nah, the nu 1. Ink and Art JSalvo3982: iron maidn rulz Wildcatshelly: srp, i’m back, i just got knoked off. Lord Demous3792: Today reall blows gotas Punkrawkfem1: MUSHROOM…. DONT START AGIAN….. EXPECIALY AFTER LAST NIGHT W1shUwERedeAdnOw: n-e-1 like MAN5ON> DimmedAngelStar: wut duz this dude keep talking abotu an anal cunt? Wildcatshelly: Guys i have to go i’mgoingto take an shower, sorry you dcan’t come along. DEMONSLAYER66666: BUT ILL BET YOU DIDNT GET INTO SELPULTARA TILL AFTER YOU HEARD SOULFLY Wildcatshelly: Oh you ouhgt to the Testment Legoins BB , they cut down Korn fans they don’t aloow Korn fans Taproot613: i mite see pantera and kittie mz X1DarkCountessX: kittie, is for Kiddies Michellinhell: MAN STILL NO ONE CAN SPELL MY NAME RITE Wildcatshelly: < metal cick. JudasPriestGirl: GO AHEASD Scot669017: hwta up ASHTIGERBAIT: if you call someone a posser then your a losser Dolphi728: does anyone know who sold the most records between kiss, matalica, and the who Wildcatshelly: Oh ok you just joking, i have to go becsue , my freind has to take me to work. DRUNKENMONK10304: yeah god talk to me about the bibble JustLeaveMeAlone: mike you made a mess on my stomach Kurtsturtle48: U R SUCK ASSEGGSJUST EAT ME LONE SeXXXyKRYSTALxo: IM A VIRGIN CUNT BITCH Darkman9592: r u guys fan of real metal or like mall metal bands? PHATCATTREY: u r all nasty little pipe smokin money hungrey bitches TOTAL PUNK RAWK: LIMP BIZKIT’S NEW ALBUM IS HARDCORE METAL BABY MIXED WITH HIP HOP BEATS XXEmperorXX: NE CANIBAL CORPSE…EMPEROR….FOREST OF IMPALED FANS? CRodrig304: OFICIAL LIVE RESTIP666: i gotta go jerkoff on the wifes pillowcase… bbl all FreakOfNlN: hi everyond Kegmac26: i bleveli you…. Bocephus jones: such vulger people in this room VODLocust0: you stabed me in the back with….. one has finnaly found my heart WuZZaBi426: Hey do ne of u no dat new song “Im gettin closer to pushin me off the edge cauz im a loser.. Zeroteam67: AUSHWITZ THE MEANING OF PAIN THE WHY THAT I WANT YOU TO DIE!!!SLOW DEATH,,,IMMENSE DECAY Comet025: u know unforgivin 2 the song GotChronic7: XGODSBACK TYPE OF MUTHS TENF TO B LITTLE FAG WANNAB DEATH METAL FANS WITH NO LIFES. MUTILATEDoCORPSE: I WILL MURDER YOU ALL!!! AND EAT UR EMAY!! AND BRING YOU TO HELL WITH ME TO BURN FOR ETERNAL GotChronic7: I LAUGH AT ALL THE IDEOTS WHO SAY WHOS TRENDY Samismetal: anyone heard of dillinger excape plan? Flavoredstitches: maggots a racstest ass pig Certaintyofevil: if u have sex wiv ure cousins? Wildcatshelly: they were suppsed to caomback last backl last May , they had so many cities on the list of d Wildcatshelly: dates they ahd to coucel off aAtlanta. Wildcatshelly: And, i’m seraoisly, thinking about staret packing up my things and put in my job trsnfer for Wildcatshelly: next yaer. Wildcatshelly: i want to laeve so bad, becuse last week my dad threaten to hit to me. Wildcatshelly: yea that’s what i need i’m trying to work out an faincail plan wheni move over to the Bay Ar Wildcatshelly: but my job couselor told me that i should ,ove out there anyway. Wildcatshelly: yea i think you are rihgt. Wildcatshelly: she suggset that i contue to take it but, it was making me feel strange anyway. EvilWoNkA: fred durst has sex with farm enaimals Wildcatshelly: yea wheni get my job transfer, my job couselor advise me to mive over there. Wildcatshelly: Yea i love REESE cupos they rule. Wildcatshelly: i’m hgppd freins with the Testament one. KATT1500: NO UR GELIOUS COZ I GET IT AND U DON’T Stromack: MOTHER FUSKERS ARE INTELIGENT XDuMpxWeEdx: u suk azz! Sweetgrass71: Damn I dont tell ane one on AOL MortalTerror2: well jason newstaed has left metallica M T Bedpan: family man sucks,rugrats eat balls,futurama takes the cack Stadt68: did anybody hear about mettallicsa Meshuggah85: i got a ride frum a cop shitfaced now i’m fucked by my parents DjAmi611: fuk u n ur inglish!! Da Skank Slappa: THE SERGIN GEN SAYS CIGERETTES ARE HEALTHY NIRVANA 25nj: philip anselmo can’t died NIRVANA 25nj: PANETRA RULES QueenOfSarcasm16: DID U GUYS HERE THAT THE SPPOF BAND 2GETHER, AHD THE YOUNGEST MEMBER DIE AT 16 TODAY? GodsmackGoddess4: i like godsamck GodsmackGoddess4: but gosmack is the shit Mc dope dennis: IM FROM AUSTRALIAN M16989: sevundust blows monkey shit SUNNYBUNNl: if u were in ny oin this dman snow ack OFfSpRiNgGrL4eVa: HEY WUT*S UP? PBCORENO: GODSMACK- UR REALLY FUNNY MAN—U REMIND ME OF THAT ONE ARMED NIGGAR MIDGET WHO IS GAY Metalhead420com: KICKIN AROUND ON A PICE OF GROUND IN YOUR HOME TOWN Inkabond: satifaction is tha death of desire DITTOHEAD 4 LIFE: kilg isthey are no staind TEENSLAYER: melodic and metal dont go together except for pantera type o negative and fear factory MetalGodsPantera: im a vogur display of power Giarc namliam: mettalica blows ass. RIPjLYNNstrait: in god’s eyes…..when you confese you are cleansed of all sin HAST4U420: ever heard obiyuary? Headbanger504: no but i heard ovituary HAST4U420: no mainstreem HAST4U420: just leave it alone anyway you arent prooving anything or hurting my feelings HAST4U420: iced erath kill all Socialescourt: i was being critisized iabout my gammer in my progile Socialescourt: cybering is for people who can get any of the real thing Socialescourt: sex its good but not good for you Socialescourt: especally with the age childern are loseing their verinity and irresponceble sex PTL9029: MORBID ANGLE Crystal2331: either matser of puppets or cemetery gates Cemetarygates101: PANTERA PRAC. RULES HE METLA WORLS THEY WOULD NEVER SELL OUT THEY HAVE RESPECT FOR THE FANS MethalOrange: fi kiiler descended from my fucke cock MethalOrange: thers nothing wrong with either race you fux HARDCANDY1058777: ANY ONE ALTURNITIVE PRESS 666