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Big Generator

We first saw that they were going to move these giant generators through Lancaster County from Maryland up to Three Miles Island. It worked out that we could go over to Washington Borough to a park we know from geocaching to watch these giant, oversized loads go past.

It’s not something that we’ll likely get another chance to see in our lifetimes so it was cool to see it. I knew they were big but I didn’t comprehend how huge they were until they went past.

I have read that they are 24 feet high and 150 feet long. They also said that they weigh 811 tons each. I was surprised that they didn’t damage the roads. It’s so interesting when massive things get done. I can’t imagine all the pre planning that goes into it. There are so many moving pieces, from moving the power lines to planning the rout with so many people involved, that it’s astonishing they can pull it off with no accidents.

Big Generator

This picture a very large generator being moved up a road.