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Boom Mobile

Although I’m switching to Verizon prepaid I wanted to give my thoughts on Boom Mobile. I’m only switching for convenience of being able to go to a Verizon store if I need to since we’re hopping to travel a bit more now geocaching and more of a potential to break or lose my phone and need a replacement. I also wanted to be able to get they’re roaming too since we would like to cache in the middle of nowhere.

Boom has always just worked for me except for that one time that it didn’t. I contacted their support outside of their normal hours. One downfall is they had limited support hours but it was cheap. They got back to me quickly and got the issue resolved and even called me to confirm everything is okay with it. They did the same when I ported in. Their support is real American people not that there’s anything wrong with outsourced customer support except they can have a language barrier at times.

I like that their website is sort of old school. Reminds me of the time when everything didn’t have to be spinning, fading scrolling or other annoyances and just click what you want.

If you want relatively cheap cell service on the Verizon network with friendly customer service don’t hesitate to look into Boom Mobile