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Dark Mode Vs Light Mode

I saw an interesting article today comparing dark mode to light mode. It, surprisingly to me, mentioned users with visual impairments. I’m one of them, and it verified at least what works for me. I have cloudy corneas, causing me to be legally blind.

Growing up using a CCTV to enlarge things really helped me read stuff. The contrast made a difference. Reverse contrast always was easier for me to see and read faster, and maybe at a slightly smaller size. Dark text on a bright background was always blurry for me and gave me a headache from glare, yet I could read negative contrast for hours.

Whenever I set up a new operating system or device, I look to see if there is a dark mode available. Android, depending on the apps and device, can be pretty lacking in that department. One of the many reasons I will use the website rather than the app as the light background with dark text, and it’s usually microscopic text with tons of white space.

This is one way that technology has greatly improved my life. If one app doesn’t work for me do to text size or color, I can typically find a different option. I do wish Amazon would add negative contrast to the Kindle. It may even already be there, hidden under settings that I didn’t expect to find it.