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Different Kind Of Nice Walk

Today’s weather was a great example of how changeable the weather can be here as the season are changing. This morning was freezing rain and in the low 30s. The temperature slowly crept up as the morning went on then the sun started peaking.

Eventually late morning the sun peaking was making the atmosphere unstable enough to start mixing the wind and much warmer air down to the surface. The wind was gusting to near 30 mph and the temperature jumped to the upper 40s. It slowly started cooling off and drying out the air after the cold front moved through and the winds switched from south to north.

After supper we went for our walk. There was still some light to the sky in the western horizon even after 6:00 pm. Between that that and the cool, crisp but not cold breeze it really was making me think of fall time. I guess because earlier in the day it was relatively warm and windy. We had a nice walk and it was good to see some other people out walking about.