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Dino Swoveralls Finally Got Here

Back in January, I think it was when I noticed that they were making print swoveralls, and they were available to preordered. Two of the three prints really didn’t interest me all that much. I mean, they would be okay, but they’re not something I’d choose to buy.

They did have ones with dinosaurs. They were the ones that caught my attention, so I debated a little bit and finally decided to preorder mine since there was a substantial discount for doing so. I knew they’d get here when it’d be too warm to wear them often, but I still wanted them. They shipped a week or so later than the estimate, but that’s not bad. They kept me updated.

Of course, they got delivered just after we left to go to the Phillies game. If they had gotten here before, I might have worn them. I was too tired to open the package when we got home, so I waited until this morning. I was surprised because they looked better to me in person than I thought they might. Of course, they’re comfortable. Molly laughed, but then she said she loved it.

One piece of advice I would give to anyone young is don’t care what anyone else thinks. Like what you like, and live your life your way. There’s only one chance to live life, and when we’re dead, no one will care anyway. No one cares, and if they do care that you’re weird, they’re not worth your time. Be weird!

After seeing them I hope they come out with a shorts version of this print!