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Dino Swoveralls!

I noticed that they had printed swoveralls to preorder, so I ordered dino ones! It’s no secret that I love swoveralls and will wear them when I can. To me, they’re just so comfortable. I have them in several plain colors. I have tie-dye ones too. I wear those often because I like bright colors. One of our servers has even complimented me on them, saying that the bright colors put her in a better mood.

I am still kicking myself for missing out on the pants version of the pink lemonade ones. The pink and yellow colors on the shorts version that I have are even brighter. The colors are more of a neon type of color. So are Molly’s pants, but I didn’t order the pants for myself right away. I thought I’d wait a few weeks. Sadly, they sold out in the time I waited.

When I noticed that they were making printed ones, I looked at what they were making. Two out of the three I wasn’t too crazy about, but they were making ones with dinosaurs on them. I like dinosaurs and always have, so they were right up my alley. It helps that I care what others think. As an added bonus, there was a discount on the preorder. It looks like I’ll get them in March if all goes according to plan. That’s a long wait, but I’m sure it will be worth it. The quality of the other ones that I’ve bought for both me and my girlfriend has been excellent.

I am looking forward to getting them. It would be sweet if they made a swovie shorts version of them. I’d be ordering them as soon as I could.

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