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Do Blind People See When They Dream?

Yesterday, we were at a softball game when my stepdaughter asked me if I see better in my dreams. She said they were wondering if blind people could see in their dreams. The first thing I have to say about this question is that it’s a shame that people are normally afraid to ask this kind of question. Curiosity is a good thing to have, and it helps with understanding too. That’s a different topic, though.

My answer to her was, “Yeah, I do see better in my dreams.” It’s a funny thing because I can’t explain it, but everything I see when I dream is always just crystal clear. I see better while dreaming than I ever have, even when my eye was at its clearest right after my last cornea transplant. Things are more like pictures than real life in my dreams and even when I imagine something. It’s one of those things that I have been aware of about myself for a long time. I’ve even told Molly about it.

When I am dreaming, there is no glare or haze from my cloudy and thickened cornea. It’s so strange even for me to understand it, but that’s how it is. Somehow my brain fills in the blanks, I guess, and cleans it up. It’s funny; I even see faces in my dreams, but I can’t in real life.

I’m only visually impaired, so I can’t speak for completely blind people. From what I understand, completely blind people have no comprehension of what eyesight would even be like, since their brains never had that stimulus. I remember my friend Jason talking about it. I don’t think sighted people can comprehend what it’s like to be blind, similarly to blind folks cannot comprehend what having eyesight would be like.