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Empty Spaces

We went to Dimaria’s Pizza for their tomato pie today. Not the original owners since They’ve moved to the Ephreta area but it’s not bad. Just not Great like it was when they still owned it.

It got me thinking though. That shopping center where it’s located is pretty new. Maybe 10ish years old. Used to be a few small businesses (I miss Twin Kiss!!) and farms behind and around it. Now it’s a shopping center and massive housing development where the farms used to be with 100s of houses that all are pretty much the several versions same shitty houses. The commercial area has had several empty store spaces for well over a year now. All of the strip malls around here have empty spaces.

The traffic on main street is terrible during certain times now. It sort of reminds me of street road back in Bensalem but not quite that bad yet. That is a prime example of over development with no planning done whatsoever. The same thing can be seen along Lincoln highway down towards the Amish tourist area. If there’s space someone will build there.

They called it smart growth for Lancaster but what it really should be called is greed and unsustainable growth. We really didn’t need 3 massive housing developments around town and this is happening through out Lancaster county. Don’t forget there are now nearly daily accidents probably related to the one shopping center/hotel complex and I have zero doubt a good chunk of them are related to people paying more attention to getting there than they are to their own driving.

The only good thing to come out of this is the fact that elections are getting closer. It’s pretty close to no longer being an automatic win for anyone with an R in front of their name.