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Facebook Sucks

This is something I’ve been wondering for quite a while and will never understand it. How do people manage to keep a job when they cannot seem to make something function? Take Facebook for an example. It seems like every day some of my friends’ profiles are not available. Even better is when you try to log into your own account it won’t let you. That’s been going on for at least a year now.

Last week things got worse when Facebook was just giving random errors and nothing at all would load. After that it was loading everything as https. It also gave errors when logging in and the stupid little graphical words one must read were not loading at all.

Inbox messages would not send for me and it seems that some people are still having problems sending them. I can delete some now and they magically reappear. I must have deleted one of them 10 times now.

Discussion boards in Facebook groups just plain suck. Half the time they won’t load right and a bug that’s been in existence since I first started Facebook is that you can’t just jump to the last page. When you click on any of the numbers from the main group it shows the first page.

It would be nice if someone came up with something that gives them competition.