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Felt Good To Do Some Light Back Squats With The Bar Today

Today my quad is feeling even better than it has been feeling so I decided to give some light barbell back squats a go. I did only 95 pounds today and I have to say it felt really, really good. Maybe I wasnโ€™t hitting rock bottom like I typically do but that was not my intention today.

My goal was to test it out and see how it felt and looked. They looked very text book. No favoring one side or the other, no collapsing or getting too loose. Itโ€™s a far cry from the heavy weights I wold rather be back squatting but itโ€™s a step in the right direction. So far it feels good if not a bit better than it has the past few days.

I also decided to do a bunch of lunges. forward and reverse lunges then laps back and forth the length of the garage of walking lunges. Those gave a nice stretch in the hips, quads and hamstrings but no pain or weakness while performing the movements.

Maybe tomorrow Iโ€™ll try to play with a bit heavier of a weight for the back squats assuming my leg still feels pretty good. Hopefully I can let it help me stretch into a deeper squat.