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Finally Exploring SDF

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to sign up for an SDF shell account. I think I signed up many years ago but never did anything with it. Now I am in a better place to get to know things and it’s been fun and interesting to check out an system that is actually multiuser.

I’ve used FreeBSD for, what, fifteen years now? It’s got different things running as different users, sure, but there are no other actual users logged in doing who knows what.

I believe it’s running on NetBSD, which until now I have never used. It’s slightly different from FreeBSD in places, which is going to give me muscle memory for typing some commands and stuff. Maybe it’s because I didn’t have ls aliased to ls -a yet, but I wasn’t seeing some hidden files at first. Normally, with FreeBSD, the first thing that I do when creating a new account is copy my dot files.

I think I can remember signing up for the free shell many years ago, but that may have been with a different service. There were more of them back in those days. Now I’m disappointed that I didn’t sign up earlier and take all those wasted years to learn, but it’s never too late to start!

Since they’re a non profit and offer free shell accounts to anyone I decided to become an ARPA member and donate the money to support this great learning tool.