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First Full Day Of Summer Was A Cool One

Today was the first full day of summer in Lancaster County, and it was a damp one. Pennsylvania had a much lower than normal temperature with the easterly flow, and there was some rain this morning. We didn’t get much rain, but the rain we got was much needed with it being as dry as it has been this spring.

The grass has been mostly straw-like for weeks now. Even with last week’s rain, only patches of it greened up, but the green stuff even felt like straw when walking on it. I’d venture to guess that a big part of why the ground is so dry is the fact that we really didn’t have much rain last year either.

Today it only got up into the middle sixties at best under the cloudy skies. The wind has been more or less from the east, and it’s been more like one of those early spring backdoor cold front days than anything else, with the relatively chilly air and thick clouds. At least it’s not hot and humid, and we’re getting a break from the wildfire smoke with the easterly flow.