First Post COVID WOD Today

I haven’t had a fever since like Monday and the muscle aches are gone so I decided that today would be a good day to attempt a WOD. Hell it’s not like I am on a tight schedule to do anything if I burn out and have to sleep the rest of the day.

The WOD was an AMRAP of 10 Sandbag push presses, 15 supine toe touches with the sandbag and 30 hop overs. I thought the sandbag would be the most forgiving option if I would drop it or suddenly fail or something. Keeping in mind I haven’t done a WOD since last Wednesday save a 50 burpee one that I did much more slowly than I needed to do I didn’t have any idea how my body would react. I’ve lost 8 pounds in 10 days so that leads me to believe that my, fortunately very mild case, has taken a lot out of me.

The WOD actually felt great and it felt awesome to move. I only went about 80 percent intensity and wanted to keep my heart rate a bit lower to see how I feel and recovered but it all felt great when I was done. As the rounds progressed I did slowly up the intensity while making sure I was paying close attention to how I was feeling. Any shortness of breath or that sort of thing I was going to immediately stop. Fortunately that was never and issue. Shit, I was singing the Acid Bath song that came on for the last few minutes as I was doing the WOD

Today’s music was Acid Bath!!