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Geocaching In Southeast Lancaster County

Friday we tried to place a cache on an island in the middle of a creek but we just weren’t going to be able to make it work. It was way too close to another one. We had fun trying though. Molly wanted to try to avoid the mud that sucks your feet in so waded downstream as the water got deeper. Finally she ended up having to swim while I held the GPSrs above the water. I couldn’t believe how warm the water was.

Today we went caching along the south eastern Lancaster county boarder. We still love the southern part of the county. This is probably my favorite part of the county. There’s tons of history and not too many people.

We did a couple of caches near Octoraro Lake. We’d never really checked it out before. It’s a really nice area actually but it’s a shame how much trash there is. People are slobs. They just through trash on the ground where ever they are. There was even a pile of trash a few feet from the trash can. I can’t understand why people are so damn lazy.

We also went to a a cache on the Alexander King Nature preserve. That place had some interesting history. An earlier finder posted directions to a couple remnants from when they made charcoal for Hopewell Furnace (I think.) It was a nice walk in the woods. I’m always interested in checking out old stuff like that and I consider us lucky to live in an area that has so much history.