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Germania Country Store

We were invited to a cabin in Potter county which we went and enjoyed relaxing and eating. We also drove around and explored the area with Molly’s aunt and uncle a bit, grabbing a few geocaches of course. One was at Cherry Springs state park and we enjoyed the view from there. I’d love to see what the telescopes here can see!

They told us about the cheese they get up here and drove us to their. Oddly enough it was the one where a local geocacher had hidden a cache and a caching friend ranted and raved about the cheese. If we were to go back I might just buy all they have.

at The Germania Country Store was pretty cool and the cheese they have was the best I’ve ever had. I think they said it comes from York county but have no idea where to actually find it. I wish I knew where to find it locally. The owners of the store and dog were so friendly. Would love to check it out again.

It’s just really neat to come across a cool country store like this. I can’t think of any others off hand that I know are still around. It’s like a step backwards in time