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Grandson Asked If I'm Blind

Yesterday, we went to give Zoey her birthday gift. I did what I normally do and played with Carter. Zoey still only wants Mommy. Sometime in the process, he asked me if I am blind. That question came out of nowhere! I figured he knew since, when he was a toddler, he always looked through my magnifier or telescope.

I told him that I am mostly blind, then he held up his hand and asked, “What’s this?” After that, he wanted to look at my eyes. I am glad he asked!

With him being older, it was certainly easier to answer than it was when Haillee was much younger and asked me. She was in the car seat, maybe three or four years old and asked, “Grandpa Carl, why don’t you get glasses.” I had to think about how to explain to her that they don’t and will never help. Then she asked, “Why doesn’t the doctor fix it?” That was much harder to answer. I was stuck with the dilemma of how to tell a toddler that doctors can’t fix anything without telling her that doctors can’t fix anything. She’d never understand at that age, and she shouldn’t. I’ve always thought, Let kids be kids, be positive, and think doctors can fix everything.