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Great Morning For A Walk Today

I woke up this morning about 4:00 AM and took my thyroid pill. I laid in bed on my tablet for a half an hour or so then got up so we could go for our morning walk if Molly wanted to. She did!

It turned out to be a nearly perfect mid November morning for the walk, at least weather wise it was. The wind was calm this morning with a temperature in the upper 40s. It was nice to see an older couple out walking too.

Gotta take advantage of days like this as they’re just about over for the next few months as winter sets in. Walking around the neighborhood first thing in the morning has been a great way to start off my day and it is one hundred percent free and healthy. I think it’s far more important to do the little things that add up over time instead of deciding to go all in starting New Years or something.

I will admit that after we got back from our 1¼ mile or so walk it was nice to have had enough time from when I took my thyroid pill to be able to start drinking my coffee. I probably could have drank a cup of coffee before we went but it was better to wait and be safe plus I wanted to get moving since it was a little later than I had hoped. My girlfriend had to go to work today so that sure limits the time we can go out. We need to win the lottery, but I guess we should actually play it if we want to win.

It’s definitely a nice experience getting out in the morning. There’ s far less traffic and it’s just so quiet out before everyone’s wake. The only real sound we hard other than the few cars that passed us was the distant hum of traffic, probably trucks a good mile or more away out on 283. The only other sound was the two trains that stopped at the Mount Joy station.