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Great Morning For A Walk

I woke up at 4:30 or so this morning and glanced at the temperature and had to get up. It was 60 ℉ then and had been around 60 all night which I expected. It also wasn’t raining! Last night I knew it would be really nice today temperature wise but I thought there would be a possibility of some lingering rain this morning but thankfully there wasn’t any.

I drank half a cup of coffee while Molly got ready to head out for the walk. Of course the coffee was good.

I knew it was going to be a good walk this morning when I left my jacket at home on the couch. Shortly after we left the house, less than a block from home a bunny hopped across the street in front of us. That was nice to see. I guess I technically didn’t see it myself but Molly did.

We ended up going for two miles this morning which felt great. I’ve slept too late the past few days and the weather wasn’t cooperative on the other days so this was my first time getting out for out morning walk in at least a week or two. By time we were a mile in I was actually feeling a bit sweaty. I was really glad that I had left my sweat shirt at home on the couch because it would have been too hot to wear it and too annoying to carry it.

It was a nice and quiet walk. A really peaceful morning. There wasn’t really that much traffic.