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I Did Street Parking's Weekly Power and A Sandbag WOD Today

Today’s WOD didn’t look that interesting for me to do today. I want to do it eventually, but just didn’t want to do that one on this day, so I looked at other options.

To start out the day, I did a power WOD from a couple of weeks ago that I have been wanting to do. At first, I was waiting for my lifting belt to arrive because I wanted to try it out with the presses, then I got sick so opted to put it on hold. Naturally, my belt arrived the day after I was tested for COVID.

Anyways on to the Power WOD.

The first part is the part I wanted to use my belt for and try it out. It was essentially work up to a heavy strict press single. With these, I always feel like my back is over arching a bit when it gets heavier, so I thought that the lifting belt might help me “feel” it. Indeed, it did seem to help. My single for this day was only 145 pounds which is more than my old max in the Crossfit box but maybe 10 to 15 pounds short of where I feel I should be, but presses are hit or miss. It’s no big deal, we will be maxing out maybe next month. Originally the plan was Christmas day but I want more recovery time.

After the presses, the next thing up was a 10 minute EMOM of three weighted pull-ups. I was a little aggressive with these, although I had not the slighted clue where to have my weight. I settled on a nice even 25 pounds. I’d say the first five or six minutes were easy, but as the recovery went down the shitter and I burned more energy hanging for a few seconds before performing the third rep they slowly degraded. The honest truth is that’s precisely how I had wanted this to go down. I wanted to push it a bit.

The music choice for my lifting today was After Forever.

Later on in the evening, I decided to do this week’s sandbag WOD. It was pretty straightforward, row 500 meters since running wouldn’t have been smart with the melting snow, 30 air squat and then 15 sandbags over the shoulders. It was a 20 minute AMRAP of that.

It wasn’t really one of my favorite sandbag WODs as I prefer them to be mostly movements using, well, the sandbag, but it was a pretty good longer WOD for me to push my cardio a bit without overdoing it. Normally, for the sandbag over the shoulder I would add a filler bag or to and go for 75 or 100 pounds but given my situation and goal of not over doing it today I stuck with 50 pounds and managed to get an even 4 rounds. I was happy enough with that result

Because my girlfriend said she’d watch the rower and count with for me, I had to fuck with her. You see, last night I’d noticed the closet door was cracked open, and I remembered my romper with the dinosaurs on it that I bought to make her laugh a couple of summers ago. Yes, my fucking romper wore that for the WOD. It actually wasn’t too bad, definitely too loose and big even though it was kind of tight back then, but it worked. I just have really grown to prefer to work out out in tight clothing, which is another advantage to work out at home. I don’t have to care what others may or may not be able to see. I thought about doing a WOD last week with my onesie on like she did, but I knew that would be just too hot. Here giggling and it slowly increasing into a full laugh made my day. It was comfortable enough that I will be wearing that again sometime when she least expects it. Life is too short to not have fun once in a while! COVID has just really reinforced the whole idea of fuck it, just have fun when the time isn’t completely inappropriate.

The music for the WOD was Alice In Chains.