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I Renewed, Well Replaced My Library Card Yesterday

One of the things I always wanted to do as an elementary school aged child is go to a real library. I would read anything that was even remotely interesting to me and I think I had read the stuff that interesting me several times that was available in the school’s small library.

My dad worked very long hours and my mom didn’t drive so we never really got the chance to go to Bensalem Library. I was always jealous of the kids on TV shows that could walk to a library or just go.

Eventually in high school my mom drove so I would go ever few weeks and devour any books they had available on computers at that time. Sadly at that time in the 90s they had a poor selection of books on the computer stuff that I really cared about.

The other bad thing is that’s when my cornea transplant went south. While the last one I had done worked for a while it suddenly went bad over night within a few months. Taking the eye drops every hour for 18 hours a day or something like that had helped for a while but it slowly degraded. The doctors said I could try another transplant but there wasn’t too high of a percentage for the chance that it would last so I decided I didn’t want to take that opportunity from someone else for my own selfishness. There was a pretty long waiting list when I had mine done.

Well back to now. I don’t really use my library card. Our small town’s library does have a small selection but I just want a card available to me so I got one.

Maybe eventually I will get a new CCTV for reading regular sized print stuff. They, at least the tray type ones took up so much space Maybe they have smaller, cheaper hand held type of device now with the tiny cameras readily available thanks to phones and such. If our cable internet wasn’t down again thanks to signal levels I’d look into that now.

The library does have kindle stuff available at least so maybe I can take a look at that. Last time I did the selection wasn’t very good but it’s something.

We were going into the Milanof-Schock Library anyways so I figured I might as well get a new card since I lost my old one quite a while ago. It took 5 minutes and there’s no harm at all in having the card available to me. Libraries are such a great resource. They of course could be better but they have limited space, and resources so have to make the best with what they have.