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It Felt Great To Do My Lifts And Two WODs Today!

While I woke up feeling a little tired this morning from going to bed a little bit later and waking up a little bit earlier all in all I felt pretty good this morning. I felt like I had a lot of energy so I thought it would be a good day to stretch out my working out time.

First up were the still light back squats and 195 pounds. I felt great doing them and needed very little rest between sets. I only rested 1:00 to 1:30 minute between sets and on top of that I did the two extra sets.

I’m thinking maybe next week I will re introduce the 20 rep squats once a week too albeit at a bit of a lower weight that I would have been doing. I’m thinking start out with 175 pounds. I don’t have to fully reset the weight but I want to scale it back a tad.

Strict press felt much easier today at 97 pounds for five sets of five. I did the extra ones. I managed to actually hit 145 for a single yesterday doing Street Parking’s weekly power. These felt pretty great today and I worked through them very quickly.

Finally for the lifting I did my five sets of three power cleans. For these I reset the weight all the way back to 145, first session doing these post COVID so I didn’t know how they’d make me feel. I tend to get more winded on the power cleans than any of the other lifts so I am being smart about it. They’re explosive full body movements so that’s to be expected.

I did for the first three sets add in a strict press after the third power clean and promptly failed said press on the third attempt but I’m good with that. I like add in the press when it’s light just to get under some heavier weight. After I was done I decided to give a quick try to some high hang full cleans since I’ve not done practiced them in quite some time. They felt great with me being explosive both in the pull and pulling under it. It was a good feeling.

Shortly after the lifting we did our first WOD of the day together. That WOD was today’s 7 rounds of 11 squats using dumbbells and a little over a dozen push ups. I got through the squats with 40 pound dumbbells easily and pre coronavirus I would have used the 50s. I almost did use the heavier weights today but left common sense take over. That voice in the back of your mind sometimes that says “Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” has certainly saved me some aggravation over time. I’ll admit that the push ups were the tougher part of today’s WOD. They weren’t terrible, just unpleasant but I got through it in about 8 minutes. I was happy with it considering I wasn’t redlining it by any means. It’s not the time for that.

A few hours later we did our second WOD of the day, Death by burpees. I’d been wanting to use this one as a test. The goal was 11 to 15 minutes. I stopped at the goal of 11. I had more fuel in the tank but with my heart rate sitting at 170 I decided that for today I would stop it there. I don’t want to get to full intensity just yet. Lets give my body some time to recover and for me to make sure I didn’t end up with any of the ugly heart issues that too many folks have had. I don’t have any reason to believe I have that problem but for the time being I’m keeping a keep a close eye on it sort of approach

The music choice today was Alice In Chains.