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Learning New Things

I hear people say they can’t do something far too often. This reminds me of a teacher in middle school who used to say there’s no such thing as can’t. It’s either you don’t know how to do something or you want to avoid doing something. This has always stuck with me, and for most things I believe it is true.

I think usually is people don’t want to do something. People are afraid to leave their comfort zone and do anything new. Sure they may fail but then that just gives an excuse to try again. I look forward to trying new things. I admit that I’ve been guilty of not wanting to do things. I want to change that.

Try to do something new this year. Learn something new and challenge yourself rather than just saying you can’t. I know it won’t be this year, but I’d like to learn rock climbing. I still would like to learn to speak German too and am I thinking about getting back into that. I’d also love to learn other languages at some point in my life.