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Looks Like Some Rest Days Now

Yesterday’s Strength did not go well. It felt good and the squats were only 205 pounds. They felt light and good but I felt like I was maybe compensating a bit for rolling my ankle yesterday doing sandbag hop overs. The 2nd rep of the second working set it happened. I felt a pop deep in my quad on the opposite side from the rolled ankle. It’s towards the outside

Of course I immediately reracked the bar then went and stretched it a bit before putting my stuff away. It pretty painful for sure but stretching gives temporary relief. It’s the not moving that kills it.

Today it seems to hurt a little more but at the same time it’s easier to get relief just by moving a bit. It seems to be improving as the morning goes on. I“m guessing it’s can’t be anything too major at this point since I have no weakness and can squat and stretch and lunge any way I want with a little discomfort but it’s manageable. I’ll be stretching often as the day goes on and hopefully this gets behind me pretty quickly. Lots of twitching in there today. As it is getting later into the day I am becoming more and more convinced that I really just angered and inflamed something rather than actually injuring something.

I realize no matter how careful I am this sort of thing is going to be inevitable if I push myself on a regular basis and the fact of the matter is I do want to push myself. “Fuck Average” - CT Fletcher. I do want to keep this sort of thing to the minimum but shit will happen.

Honestly the only other thing I’ve had happen doing Crossfit type of WODS was glute during a warm up set of front squats. I fully blame that incident on over stretching before the workout. I trusted the coach that really stretching before lifting is good. That’s simply not true at least in my case but I am generally mobile. That was excruciating to just walk and the steps were even worse. Eventually I was able to stretch a bit and after a month or two I was getting back to my normal lifts. The less I learned there was NO static stretching before lifting. I did plenty of that in the mornings but we did Crossfit in the evening. I also really stretched on Sundays which the gym was closed anyways. That was like 5 years ago now so I feel like I am doing pretty well with pushing myself safely. After that incident I couldn’t even do body weight squats for quite a while or lunges but can do them with some discomfort this time. The roller helps too. Before nothing helped.

Today I did some short 200 meter runs and it didn’t feel any worse. If anything It felt a little better to get the blood flowing through the legs again. We’ll see what tomorrow says.