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Mafia Wars Incompetence

Zynga’s mafia wars team are people I will never understand. They blatantly ignore the players’ requests and go ahead and add more crap into the game trying to make it more than a click game while they have many players who have shown they’re more than willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars in cash.

It’s interesting how they continue to drive people away or at least cause them to stop spending. If I’d have to guess they’re are being run by idiot marketers who have no idea who actually plays the game.

Take the latest upgrade for example where they changed the inventory page. While I agree it needed to be changed but now when I look at it all I can think is what the fuck? They must have been high. Then again I thought that when they introduced animals after people begged them not to. I’m thinking that team is run by people who shouldn’t even be allowed to flip burgers on their own.