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Mafia Wars On Facebook

Zynga’s Mafia wars on Facebook is one of those things where I have to keep thinking to my self Why didn’t I come up with that idea. While it seems to be dying off now a lot of people have spent a lot of money on that game. If Zynga didn’t do such a terrible job at mishandling it I really truly believe many people would still be playing and spending a ton of cash on it. I think it was a cash cow for them and they didn’t realize what they had on their hands. I guess it had met their short term goals but. Instead they made it more and more spammy with more pointless popups and more busy work. They should have cashed in on people enjoying the player versus player aspect of the whole thing. They should have also tried to control the rampant cheating. Another thing I found interesting in it is just how seriously some people took it. It was just a click game. It’s just sad how many people called the money they put into it an investment though. Many smart people who should have known better.