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Mount Joy Is No Longer A Small Farm Town

I recently saw a post about Mount Joy looking at options for a new borough building. Naturally, the posts were mostly older people bitching about taxes. Let’s not forget the ones saying about inflation too and why it shouldn’t be done. Typical older people wanting to just kick the can further.

The comment that stood out to me the most is the one older person saying that Mount Joy is just a small farm town. I don’t know if they never get the chance to leave their house, or they’re delusional. In case they haven’t far too large of a portion of those farms surrounding Mount Joy have become replaced with warehouses and strip malls.

Let’s not forget how we’re surrounded by massive developments with overpriced shitty houses. The traffic on Main street is ridiculous at times now. Just wait until the crime catches up with the overpopulation here. It’s bound to happen. More people will mean more bad apples.

A few years back, I read an article saying about Mount Joy being the second-fastest growing small town in Pennsylvania. I said it then, and I will repeat it now. That’s not a good thing at all. It’s nothing more than a sign of greed. Those who cash in on this mistake will be the ones long gone and not have to deal with the problems. Moderate grown would be more reasonable, but not this smart growth scam that the county has been pushing.