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Mount Joy Second Fastest Growing Town In Pennsylvania

I just saw something about Mount Joy being the second-fastest growing towns in Pennsylvania. They’re playing it up like it is a good thing, which it is not. It’s nothing more than greed and shortsightedness to praise things that are unsustainable. That’s a lesson that should have been learned from other places, but those who control the development don’t care.

They’ll cash out and be long gone by the time the problems come up. We already have the painfully backed up traffic on Main street. It’s a matter of time until crime increases just from the fact that more people means more bad apples.

Some growth is inevitable and probably a positive thing, but it needs to be sustainable. Not turn every farm (productive land) into warehouses, massive developments and strip malls that take away food production. Everyone that lives here will have to deal with the long-term effects of this.