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One Of The Deepest Red Sunrises I Can Remember Seeing

I just walked into the kitchen to get some more coffee when I noticed the red glow coming in the east facing window. Really it’s the only window but that’s not a big deal. Due to the neighbor’s house you can only see to the southeast. The horizon was this deep almost lava red or even the red color when metal starts glowing a bit from heat.

The clouds above it were darker gray with some red or purple mixed in but the real show was the deep red glow nearer to the horizon today. I don’t know that I recall seeing one so red.

As I always have to do when there’s a nice sunrise or sunset I just stopped what I was doing and enjoyed it for a minute or two. The more colorful they are the shorter the duration it seems and this one was no different in that regard. Nature brings us all sorts of amazing things to see.

Life is short. Enjoy the free stuff.