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Our Electric Just Blinked With An Explosion

Our electricity never goes out here. I can’t remember the last time it was out for an extended period, besides an ice storm that occurred years ago. Even that didn’t last long, and was restored more quickly than they had estimated. Sure, we have had a few blinks in thunderstorms, but they only last a split second, then longer for the second blink, but it’s never been more than that. Growing up in Bensalem, it would go out often during storms. Every so often, it only looked like it might storm and there was an outage, but here, PPL must do a good job maintaining their system.

I would have thought that PECO would have an easier and cheaper time with maintaining their system because it is more concentrated than PPL’s area. I guess they just don’t spend the money. A neighbor said it’s because we have two main lines in our neighborhood because of the foundry down the street. That does make sense. They can’t afford to lose power. They’d lose a lot of money and time cleaning up after that.

Our only outages occur with a boom preceding them. I’ve seen a couple of cooked squirrels at the one pole on the next block, which seems to be where the boom usually occurs. Today it sounded more distant, but as it typically does, the power just flipped right back on. I guess the breaker did the job it was supposed to do. The unusual thing about today is that Comcast stayed down for a little while. As much as I complain about Comcast as a shitty company, their system is pretty reliable, apart from the signal levels on our modem. I can’t wait until we have Glo Fiber available here next year!