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PA Ghost towns

The other day the guy that owns the house a couple down from ours told Molly about him and his dad visiting a ghost town in western PA. It reminded me of a few things.

The first thing I thought of was a couple of years ago when Lynn and I were geocaching in NW PA we visited a virtual cache that had to do with Pithole City. We didn’t get to explore the area because it was getting dark and we had like a six hour ride back home. The other thing is I think it was a state park and they close at dusk.

Pithole was a boom town when oil wells were drilled in Pa. At one time 15,000 people lived there but now everything is gone. I do hope to get back up there someday and explore it more.

The other thing I thought of were the old coal towns that were left in the area where I went to the mountains. There was one little village type of thing that I was told was called Green Mountain or maybe it was Green Valley. There were still foundations there but My friend said when the mining stopped people took the wood from their houses with them to rebuild someplace else. I’m just interested in this sort of thing. They’re supposed to build an airport on this area or close to it now so I wouldn’t think there is even any access to it anymore.

I also love seeing the left over mining equipment and stuff like that. I just try to imagine what this sort of stuff was like in it’s day.