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Prescription Pushing Doctors

I’m sitting here thinking of how many people I know that are on some sort of pill or combination of pills for Anxiety, depression or pain pills for that matter. They give you pills to help you with depression then one to fix the side effects of that one then another one to help you sleep.

Don’t get me wrong I think these are a necessity for some people and certainly can be helpful to a lot of people. I just think that too many doctors prescribe them without understanding them. I think they should be a tool but not the solution itself.

I have had a doctor offer to give me pills for depression when I wasn’t depressed and said nothing about depression to them ever. It was just out of the blue they said “I can prescribe something for depression.” Needless to say I knew I needed a new doctor at that point.

Pain pills are really over prescribed too. Seems a good chunk of the people I know that are addicted to illicit drugs or have overdosed started on legally prescribed pain pills. Again pain pills serve a purpose but need to be watched more closely. When I had my thyroid removed I got a prescription for I think it was 30 vicodin with a refill. I ended up taking two or three of them to help me sleep and one before I went in to have the drain removed because they told me to. I ended taking a few when I pulled a muscle later but still have most of the bottle put away someplace.