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Quad Felt Good So I Went For Some Moderate Weighted Back Squats Today

My quad has been progressively feeling better since Monday’s popping incident. Friday’s 95 pound back squats seem to actually help if anything. I had planned on doing more at a heavier weight yesterday but my brain got side tracked so I ended up not doing that.

The squats them self felt really good with a nice stretch as the weight slowly increased. I worked up to 225 pounds for 5x3 and for the most part it felt great other than a sloppy rep or two. I had no hesitations or no pain. No favoring the opposite side so I think it’s pretty clear that I really didn’t do anything major to my leg. We’ve been planning on doing our Crossfit totals this week since my girlfriend has off work and I was highly disappointed that I may not be able to do it with her. Now I feel like I can at least do a heavy single for the day as long as all continues to feel good.

I also did a WOD today! The first one I’ve done since last Sunday and the rest has been basically killing me. The WOD called for a bunch of barbell overhead lunges which I normally would have RXed. On this day I opted to just do them unweighted and play it safe. All sets were unbroken and I had no pain or awkwardness with them. No knee or hip instability either which is a good thing. If anything I felt a slight bit of stretch along a very narrow part of my quad right where the popping sensation had been on Monday.

Overall I feel like today has a big win so far. Now lets hope that the Eagles do the same